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podia footcare section
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Comprehensive Foot Care

Your feet are precious! Here you will find all the specialized products, designed and created by Podia for comprehensive care, treatment and protection from the threats that your daily life includes.
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podia footcare section


podia footcare section
Κρέμα Προστασίας και Περιποίησης

Diabetic Foot Care

Learn about the increased needs of the Diabetic Foot and see how you can provide them all the necessary care and protection needed.
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podia footcare section

Care routines

podia footcare section
Φροντίδα για όμορφα και δυνατά νύχια

Beautiful and strong nails

Your nails are a sign of health and beauty! Learn how you can strengthen them again and make a difference in your nails appearance.
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podia footcare section

Protective Comfort for Toes

Pressure and friction strain the toes and cause daily painful discomfort. If your daily routine includes activities such as prolonged standing, intense physical exercise and demanding working conditions or even if you are wearing professional heavy shoes can afflict your toes by creating calluses, skin irritations and injuries. Learn how you can relieve your toes and protect them from anything that may reduce your comfort in your daily routine.
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podia footcare section
5.2-8.2% of non-fungal foot conditions involve corns and calluses
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Symptoms of Tiered and Irritated Toes

After a long day for your feet, fatigue and even the small irritations could bother your toes. Depending on the strain, their symptoms may include pain, numbness and discomfort, spreading even up to the joints. If the activities of your day had additionally created pressure and friction on your toes, then, to the symptoms above, calluses, skin hardening and irritations, blisters and injuries, could be added. But, let’s keep it simple; even the simplest signs of fatigue are enough to make you feel at least uncomfortable taking your next step.
  • Increased discomfort and pain.
  • Calluses, injuries, skin hardening and irritations.
  • Discomfort or pain during walking.
  • Gradual change of structure and loss of toes alignment.

Causes of Tiered and Irritated Toes

Your toes get tired and easily injured because they are the most exposed parts of your foot. Thus, your daily routine is more than enough to strain them. Intense walking, prolonged standing and strenuous activities are just some of the threats. If these are combined with a wrong type or choice of shoes, or even with a simple deformity in the structure of a toe or the foot, then the pressure and friction exerted increase exponentially.

Other conditions that can lead to this result are rheumatoid arthritis, neurological disorders, chronic foot strain, frequent injuries, diabetes, and heredity.

  • Increased pressure and friction on the toes.
  • Intense activities.
  • Excessive load due to weight.
  • Unsuitable or tight shoes.
  • Pathological causes that lead to deformities of feet and toes.

Στατιστικα στοιχεια

podia footcare section
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Prevention Tiered and Irritated Toes

Complete foot support protects your toes from daily strain, but also from calluses, skin irritations and injuries caused by pressure and friction. Choosing the right anatomic insoles reduces the risks, while offering stability, balance and relief.

If pressure and friction occur systematically on a toe, then a specialized gel cap or tube, will offer you both protection and relief. Finally, in case there is already an anatomical condition in the structure of the foot, the patches for ball and bunions, and a toe spreader could effectively prevent friction, absorb pressure and relief from their painful consequences.

  • Suitable shoes and anatomic insoles.
  • Gel toe protection caps and tubes.
  • Specialized sleeves for bunion and metatarsus.
  • Toe spreader for overlap protection.
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podia footcare section
anages prostasia kai anakoyfisi kataponimenwn daktylwn podia footcare

Patches - Pressure, Friction, Corns and Calluses

Soft Protection Cap - Polymer Gel

A soft gel cap, designed by Podia, to protect your toes. It soothes and relieves painful pressure and friction, while preventing corns and calluses on your toes.
  • Specially designed for total toe protection.
  • Enriched with medical grade oils.
  • Washable and reusable.
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Relief Tiered and Irritated Toes

Your toes need daily care for the effective relief from pressure and friction, and their painful consequences. Therefore, additional to the protection if a corn has been created, choose the special Corn Removal Plasters. Applying an adhesive plaster to the corn area will facilitate its removal, but will also protect the inflamed area around corn from pressure, friction and the possibility of injury. And do not forget moisturizing your irritated skin and the hygiene care of your feet, as the right moisture levels can help in the quick recovery, but also in the general health of your feet and toes.
  • Corn Removal Plasters Corn Removal Plasters.
  • Protective gel caps and tubes for pressure and friction.
  • Proper moisturization, hygiene and antiperspirant protection.

Health Tips

Considering hygiene, a warm foot bath will relieve you, while at the same time it will soften calluses and skin hardenings, before applying the respective care for their treatment.
The softness, but also the air permeability of their material render the cotton socks an ideal choice, as they boost the action of moisturizing or keratolytic cream and at the same time let the skin to “breath”.
Excess body weight could increase the possibility of feet and toes strains feet and toes. By reducing it to normal levels, you benefit your body and relieve pressure.
Both for the treatment and the prevention of problems that may arise from the strain of your toes and those associated with medical conditions and diseases, medical advice and symptoms examination are crucial.
podia footcare section


For the daily care of your feet

podia footcare section
podia footcare section


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