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Athlete’s Foot DeoSpray

Foot bad odour and fungi are conditions that occur often, and affect our daily life and its quality. Fight this double problem using Podia Athlete’s Foot DeoSpray. Exclusively formulated to fight intense bad odour and symptoms of foot fungal infections.

Medical device.

  • Offers a prolonged deodorising action with a hypoallergenic and pleasant scent
  • Neuralises intense bad odour*
  • Relieves from burning and itchiness
  • Creates a protective shell for advanced protection against invasion and growth of microorganisms
  • With the potent active substances Dermocare & Tea tree oil that care for your skin and fight dermatophytes in a 100% natural way.

*In vivo study that proves bad odour reduction after application of product containing the special polysaccharide mixture
Award-winning Composition in Best In Pharmacy Awards 2018

Without aluminium salts
Dermatologically tested
Available in special sizes and with a “Twist-to-lock” cap for absolute safety and easy transport.


On a clean and dry skin, spray at a distance of around 15 cm, 1-2 times per day, throughout the sole, taking extra care of the areas between toes as well as shoes.
Dries immediately without leaving residue. 

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