Strong Nails
Nails Intensive Care Serum – With Microsphere technology

Strong nails are healthy and pretty; however, they required care. Provide effective care to your nails with the Podia Nails Intensive Care Serum with Microsphere technology. With an advanced formula of continuous release of active ingredients for results that last and nails that are strong.

Instant and prolonged moisturisation thanks to the microsphere technology.

  • Base enriched with Keratin, Arginine, Vitamin E, Tea tree oil
  • Enhances protection from fungi and bacteria
  • Protects from discoloration and stains
  • Increases cohesion and smoothens the nail surface*
  • Dries in seconds and is an ideal base coat for the uniform application of polish and top coat
  • Homeopathy-compatible

*In vivo efficacy study. Active ingredients with proven effect.

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