Protective Comfort
Soft Protection Tube – Polymer Gel – Small Toe

Pressure and friction on your little toe can have a general impact on your walking, that’s why it needs special care. Protection of the little toe is necessary in cases of intense pressure.

Podia Soft Protection Tube – Polymer Gel – Small Toe is made of polymeric gel enriched with medical-grade oils, that soothes and relieves from painful pressure and friction.

  • Extremely durable tube, elastic and soft in use
  • Prevents the occurrence of calluses and hard skin on the little toe
  • Provides instant relief from pressure and friction
  • Conical shape for perfect fit
  • Guaranteed comfort, maximum stability when walking
  • Ideal also for diabetics


The product should be washed with a mild soap, rinsed with water and dry naturally in a dry and cool place. After completely drying, product should be applied as a powder.

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