Foot Care
Tired & Heavy Legs – Revitalizing Cream-Gel

Do you feel your legs heavy and tired? Maybe it’s because of varicose veins, swelling, venous lakes, these everyday problems that make your footsteps fell heavy.

Treat them easily with Podia Tired & Heavy Legs Revitalizing Cream-Gel. Specially formulated for the safe and instant relief of symptoms related to varicose veins, swelling and venous lakes. Eliminates the feeling of heaviness and tiredness in legs.

Medical device.

  •  Enhances microcirculation
  •  Instantly relieves from feeling heavy and burning
  • Soothes and provides deep care to the skin
  • Offers a prolonged sensation of freshness
  • Escin in microcapsules that boosts microcirculation. The active substance remains protected increasing the efficacy of the relieving gel

Without colourants and parabens
Dermatologically tested
In a special airless container to ensure the product’s highest quality and longest life


Apply a sufficient quantity of product on sole and leg lightly massaging upwards, with gentle strokes to boost microcirculation. It is recommended to apply the product 1-2 times a day or as your doctor instructed.

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