For us in Podia, the word “why” is very important.
It reveals the mission and essence of what we do. Their meaning.

If you wonder why choose us, you can be certain that we’ve already asked this question to ourselves. Our aim has always been that answers to this question are always meaningful to us and our work, but also for you. So we give you every reason to choose us.

Because in Podia we are registered as a manufacturer of medical devices with EOF, while we have also developed and implement a Quality Management System, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 international Standard, for which we have been certified by an independent internationally recognised certification body.

Because we offer you products of the highest quality and safety that are made according to the strictest international standards in state-of-the-art facilities.

Because we are based on high technology and innovation, to create the most advanced products for foot care, after thoroughly researching both your needs and the raw materials used in their manufacture.

Because we focus exclusively on the care of your feet. All our energy is channeled to this end. So our knowledge is far-reaching and the level of the solutions we offer is high.

Because Podia products are tested not only in the lab, but also by thousands of consumers that choose them, enjoying a better health in their lower limbs and a superior quality of life.

Because we offer excellent value for money.

Because Podia is a Greek effort that reveals the positive and creative aspect of our country, that proves that we can be successful in demanding fields such as medical innovation and that contributes to the growth of our economy.