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Comprehensive Foot Care

Your feet are precious! Here you will find all the specialized products, designed and created by Podia for comprehensive care, treatment and protection from the threats that your daily life includes.
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podia footcare section


podia footcare section
Κρέμα Προστασίας και Περιποίησης

Diabetic Foot Care

Learn about the increased needs of the Diabetic Foot and see how you can provide them all the necessary care and protection needed.
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Care routines

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Φροντίδα για όμορφα και δυνατά νύχια

Beautiful and strong nails

Your nails are a sign of health and beauty! Learn how you can strengthen them again and make a difference in your nails appearance.
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podia footcare section

Beautiful and Strong Nails

Do you want your healthy, strong and stunning nails look back? This could be achieved only by following a routine for both the health of the nail and the aesthetics of its image. The complete care of your nails is the basis for their image. And this is because only by ensuring their healthy appearance you can create the perfect aesthetic result. But what happens when the nails are fragile and weak?

Your toenails and fingernails face plenty of threats daily, and that’s why the need for comprehensive care with strengthening, hardening filing and grinding should be an important part of our daily routine.

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podia footcare section
Maximum increase in consistency and smoothness on the nail surface within 4 weeks
With Podia’s Nails Intensive Care Serum

Symptoms of Brittle Nails

Weak and brittle nails definitely bother you, even as a threat. The truth is that when their appearance becomes obvious, with cracks, blurs and peeling of their surface, then the problem has already exceeded its initial stages. But you can spot the first signs if you notice their hardness. If, for some reason, your nails seem to be either softer and more flexible, or harder, during your regular nail care routine, then you should act quickly and effectively.
  • Cracks on the nail’s surface.
  • Blurs or spots on the nail plate.
  • Nails turn thinner and softer.
  • Nails become harder and drier.
  • Peeling and cracks even during nail care.

Causes of Brittle Nails

The natural cause of brittle nails is usually one: The moisture of their structure. If their moisture is reduced, then they harden too much. Causes of reduced moisture can be the dry and cold environment, frequent washing or chemical and cleaning products, combined with insufficient hydration.

On the other hand, if the nails’ moisture is increased, then they lose their natural hardness and durability. Causes of increased moisture can be the excessive use of moisturizers, or again some chemicals, such as acetone.

Other factors for weak and brittle nails may be associated with low levels of iron, vitamins and calcium, endocrine diseases, but also with the natural wear and tear of time.

  • Lack of moisture in the structure of the nail.
  • Excessive presence of moisture in the structure of the nail.
  • Health conditions such as anemia and thyroid disorders.

Στατιστικα στοιχεια

podia footcare section
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Prevention and Care of Brittle Nails

Your fingernails and toenails are mainly composed of keratin, lipids and water, in perfect balance. But, in order to maintain that perfect balance and protect them from threats, you need to listen to their needs. Choosing an Intensive Care Serum will offer your nails the necessary help to replenish the keratin of their structure, in order to nourish them in depth. In this way they will regain their natural properties.
  • Strengthening the nail’s structure.
  • Restoration of the hardness or elasticity of the nail.
  • Smoothing the surface of the nail plate.
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podia footcare section
nails intensive care serum podia footcare slide

Strong & Healthy Nails

Nails Intensive Care Serum

Podia’s Nails Intensive Care Serum for strengthening and hardening nails with microsphere technology, offers continuous release of its active ingredients, for long-lasting results and complete protection of your nails.
  • Enhances the healthy growth and structure of the nails.
  • Prevents peeling, cracks and broken nails.
  • Protects the nail’s surface from discoloration and stains.
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Complete nail care

Once you take care of their strengthening, it is the turn of the aesthetic care. With the appropriate nail file or buffer, you can shape their appearance, but also take care of their hygiene. Give them the right shape, which helps both in aesthetics and the proper growth of the nail, carefully remove the cuticles, and prepare them for the perfect aesthetic result, while removing the risk of threats from infections.
  • Correct shape and smooth texture of the nail’s surface.
  • Careful removal of cuticles.

Health Tips

The ideal nail length for the best filing is when the free end of the nail has reached the 1/3 of its total length.
The correct length is one parameter. The right way is the second. This way you prevent microorganisms, while giving you nails the ideal shape.
When using chemicals, even dishwasher soap, it would be good to think about using gloves.
After each use, reusable nail care equipment should be disinfected with antimicrobial fluid to prevent any possible contamination.
Always use the appropriate, specialized tools for the cuticles and be careful not to cause injuries.
Do not pull when cut and do not bite nails, as this can damage their structure, create cracks, and help microorganisms infiltrate.
podia footcare section


For the daily care of your feet

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