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podia footcare section
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Comprehensive Foot Care

Your feet are precious! Here you will find all the specialized products, designed and created by Podia for comprehensive care, treatment and protection from the threats that your daily life includes.
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podia footcare section


podia footcare section
Κρέμα Προστασίας και Περιποίησης

Diabetic Foot Care

Learn about the increased needs of the Diabetic Foot and see how you can provide them all the necessary care and protection needed.
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Care routines

podia footcare section
Φροντίδα για όμορφα και δυνατά νύχια

Beautiful and strong nails

Your nails are a sign of health and beauty! Learn how you can strengthen them again and make a difference in your nails appearance.
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podia footcare section

Low Temperature Skin Care

During the cold winter months, low temperatures and humidity make you feel overwhelmed. Your skin is the first to face the consequences of low temperature, as it is the natural shield of your body. But this strain on the skin can create annoying and painful conditions in your daily routine. There is an effective way to protect and soothe your skin, by meeting all its needs.
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podia footcare section
91.5% natural ingredients in Podia’s Cold & Humidity - Protection & Relief Cream

Sore and irritated skin from the cold

Cold and humidity can make your skin suffer. The abrupt change in temperature, from the heat of the interior to the outside cold and then vice versa, creates a set of symptoms, which appear either immediately or within a short time period.

Initially you will experience a burning and itching sensation, while some redness may also appear on the skin of your hands, legs and face. Finally, in rarer cases, small blisters or sores, also known as Chilblains, may appear.

  • Itching and burning sensation.
  • Redness and swelling.
  • Blisters, cracks and sores on the skin.

Causes of Chilblains

The cold alone could overwhelm us in our daily routine. But its consequences on our skin is could be significant. The small vessels, located just below our skin, contract at low temperatures. But once we are in a warm environment again, they expand abruptly and they may not be able to manage the increased blood flow. This can happen either as a predisposition or due to some diseases related to the circulatory system, while smoking and lower than normal weight can increase the likelihood of the symptoms.
  • Circulatory disorders.
  • Smoking.
  • Lower than normal body weight.
  • Predisposition.
  • Other diseases and health conditions.

Στατιστικα στοιχεια

podia footcare section
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Protection for low temperature consequences

How simple it would be to just say “Avoid the cold!”. But this is impossible and certainly oppressive. That’s why our goal is to give our skin all the care that will help it create an effective defense against cold conditions. Adequate hydration is the key to protection. Skin’s moisture balance can directly contribute to the restoration of natural defenses and the creation of an effective barrier against cold and humidity.
  • Proper skin hydration.
  • Protection and enhancement of microcirculation.
  • Use of specialized cream for protection against cold and humidity.
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podia footcare section
Κρύο & Υγρασία – Κρέμα Προστασίας & Ανακούφισης

Foot Care

Cold & Humidity - Protection & Relief Cream

A specialized protection and relief cream by Podia for dry, sore and irritated skin of feet, face and hands due to low temperatures and high levels of air humidity. Its deep nourishing composition is specially designed to accelerate the recovery process of irritated skin, treating the problem and protecting it from recurrence.
  • Symptoms Relief.
  • Protect and nourish the skin.
  • 91.5% natural ingredients.
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Skin care for low temperatures

Definitely the best care for the irritated skin by low temperatures and humidity is prevention. However, in case the symptoms have already appeared on our hands, feet and face’s skin, then it would be good to start the treatment immediately. By this, we will be able to prevent their aggravation and speed up the healing process. Use the specialized Cold & Humidity Protection & Relief Cream, that will immediately relieve the burning and itching sensation, and at the same time it will moisturize the skin, helping it to recover faster.
  • Use of specialized cream for protection from cold and Humidity.
  • Treatment of burning and itching sensation.
  • Protection against further exposure to cold and humidity.

Health Tips

It is an instinctive reaction to rub your hands or body parts that are cold, just to keep them warm. But it can also make the irritation worse. Prefer to cover the spots with something warm, to prevent the loss of the natural body heat.
It’s logical and simple, and that’s why we often skip it. Increased moisture in the skin, however, plays a key role in heat loss.
The longer you keep your body active, the more you help in better blood circulation, and this in turn helps maintain a normal temperature, even on the outer layers of the skin.
And when we say warm clothes, we do not mean only “heavy” clothes. Make sure the clothes you are wearing are already warm, before going out in the cold.
By having good physical condition and quitting smoking you can improve blood circulation, while maintaining normal body weight provides you with normal adipose tissue, which protects your body from low temperatures.
podia footcare section
podia footcare section


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