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podia footcare section
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Comprehensive Foot Care

Your feet are precious! Here you will find all the specialized products, designed and created by Podia for comprehensive care, treatment and protection from the threats that your daily life includes.
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podia footcare section


podia footcare section
Κρέμα Προστασίας και Περιποίησης

Diabetic Foot Care

Learn about the increased needs of the Diabetic Foot and see how you can provide them all the necessary care and protection needed.
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Care routines

podia footcare section
Φροντίδα για όμορφα και δυνατά νύχια

Beautiful and strong nails

Your nails are a sign of health and beauty! Learn how you can strengthen them again and make a difference in your nails appearance.
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podia footcare section

Blister Protection & Relief

Heel blisters are definitely an “unpleasant surprise” for your next steps during the day, literally. They are a major irritation that usually appears aw a result of pressure and friction. Their most common symptoms are the visible skin irritation and the pain, but they could also be a threat to the health of your foot, if you don’t take care of them properly.
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podia footcare section
Blisters are the most common foot problem in people who travel long distances in heavy-duty shoes
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Symptoms of a heel blister

The blister itself is the main symptom. But, indeed, there are some indications that could warn us, before it’s too late. If you feel intense pressure and friction on your heel, with some visible redness and irritation, or even some painful discomfort during every step, the formation of a blister has already begun.
  • Constant pressure and friction on your heel.
  • Redness and skin irritation.
  • Painful sensation at the point of friction and pressure.

Causes of a heel blister

The appearance of a blister on your heel is part of your body’s natural defense mechanism to protect the spot from pressure and friction. Your body sends fluid to the injured area, to fill the wound, and to cover the lower and sensitive layers. Thus, the blister itself is a combination of irritation and inflammation, causing pain, swelling and redness.The external causes that can lead to this injury are many. Some of the most common are the wrong type of shoes, or even more often the combination of new shoes and no socks. The condition can also be aggravated by dry skin, higher temperatures, humidity caused by intense sweating on the foot, and repetitive or unusually heavy strain.
  • Pressure and friction.
  • Wrong type of shoes, or hard, new shoes without socks.
  • Repeated or unusually heavy strain.
  • Structural deformity of the toes and foot.
  • Abnormal humidity and temperature conditions.

Στατιστικα στοιχεια

podia footcare section
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Preventing blisters

The best way to prevent blisters is by protecting the most sensitive areas of foot. Gel cylinders, tubes and caps are your first choice for your toes’ protection. At the same time, make sure to reduce the pressure and friction with the appropriate anatomical insole. In addition, if you have a bunion or metatarsal condition, then a special pad will reduce the risks of friction and pressure at the spot and prevent the problem. Finally, do not forget that increased humidity also plays a key role. Therefore, antiperspirant protection can also help you effectively.
  • Toes protection.
  • Bunion and metatarsal protection.
  • Suitable shoe and anatomical insole.
  • Antiperspirant foot protection.
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podia footcare section
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Foot Care, Pain Relief

Hydrocolloid Technology Blister Plasters

Hydrocolloid Plasters for instant care and relief from blisters created on the upper part of the heel.
  • Immediate relief from the pain caused by blisters.
  • Protection against friction and injury at the point of the blister.
  • Accelerate blister healing in the heel.
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Effective care and fast treatment of blisters

Since a blister has created behind your heel, discomfort during every step is also a reality. Your first choice for instant relief and quick treatment is a specially designed hydrocolloid technology blister plaster. The plaster will create a protective shield on the spot, relieving painful pressure and abrasion. It will begin to absorb the concentrated fluid of the blister, while protecting skin injuries and possible infection of the wound.
  • Protection against pressure and friction.
  • Absorption of blister’s moisture.
  • Protection against injury and infection.
  • Faster healing process.

Health Tips

A blister could be seen before its painful symptoms. A shoe that will bother you from the first moment you wear it, is almost certain to trigger it.
Even if you do not have a hydrocolloid patch with you, remove the shoe and sock as soon as possible, lift the leg and place some ice, well wrapped in a towel, to reduce inflammation. But, remember not to put too much pressure.
Normal skin moisture level will help in healing, while hygiene will protect you from any possible infection.
By popping the blister, you will create an open wound, which will slow the healing process, while increasing the chances of infection.
podia footcare section


For the daily care of your feet

podia footcare section
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