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podia footcare section
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Comprehensive Foot Care

Your feet are precious! Here you will find all the specialized products, designed and created by Podia for comprehensive care, treatment and protection from the threats that your daily life includes.
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podia footcare section


podia footcare section
Κρέμα Προστασίας και Περιποίησης

Diabetic Foot Care

Learn about the increased needs of the Diabetic Foot and see how you can provide them all the necessary care and protection needed.
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podia footcare section

Care routines

podia footcare section
Φροντίδα για όμορφα και δυνατά νύχια

Beautiful and strong nails

Your nails are a sign of health and beauty! Learn how you can strengthen them again and make a difference in your nails appearance.
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podia footcare section

Pre-Exercise Care

You have added sports or even some exercise in your daily routine and this is awesome! You offer your body all the benefits of physical activity. But, before you start, your whole body needs the proper warm-up preparation. The same goes for your feet. Excessive sweating, bad odors and possible injuries are your only opponents. That’s why your feet need hygiene care, antiperspirant and deodorant protection, as well as complete support of every step during your physical exercise.
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podia footcare section
34.9-40.6% of foot conditions are fungal.
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Sweating and smelly feet

Foot odor seems to be a taboo subject. Its cause is the growth of microorganisms on the feet, and this is due to the creation of suitable conditions during physical activities. Intense sweating, combined with the sneakers and the material of the socks that often prevent adequate ventilation, provide microorganisms with the ideal environment. Moreover, keep in mind that, additionally to the bad odor, they can also cause skin infections, such as the so-called “Athlete’s Foot”, but also infection of open wounds on the foot skin.
  • Intense sweating and high temperature environment in training shoes.
  • Bad odor in feet and shoes.
  • Ideal conditions for fungi and microorganisms.
  • Possible fungal infections.

Prevent muscle and joint pain

Intense physical exertion can lead to muscle injuries and severe discomfort or pain in muscles and joints. Make sure you give your feet the support they need. With the appropriate anatomic insoles, combined with the protection provided by specialized gel pads and tubes, you will relieve your sole and the whole leg, and you will also prevent pressure and friction that could cause skin injuries.
  • Intense fatigue during exercise.
  • Injury caused by insufficient support.
  • Skin injuries from pressure, friction and shocks.
  • Calluses and hard skin due to pressure and friction.

Στατιστικα στοιχεια

podia footcare section
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Prevent excessive sweating and bad odors

Excessive sweating usually leads to bad odors, due to the growth of microorganisms. To protect your feet from them, you should aim at two parameters: Foot hygiene and antiperspirant protection. Daily hygiene and in-depth foot cleaning are your first pre-exercise care. The second step is the choice of the appropriate antiperspirant protection. Powder or Spray, the choice is yours, according to the needs of your feet. The first is ideal to face heavy sweating, while the second is more specialized in dealing with bad odors.
  • Antiperspirant protection.
  • Deodorant protection.
  • Protection against the growth of fungi and microorganisms.
  • Effective foot support.
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podia footcare section
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Sports & Wellness

Athletes Feet DeoSpray

A deodorant spray by Podia for complete protection and the daily care against bad odor and foot fungi and bacteria. Its advanced composition contributes significantly to the treatment of conditions that allow the appearance of unpleasant odor, while its deodorant action offers an exquisite, long-lasting and refreshing fragrance.
  • Advanced deodorant action.
  • Prevents microorganism adhesion to the skin.
  • Suitable for use on feet and shoes.
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Prevention of foot strain

Prevent possible injuries from pressure, friction, shocks and Wrong or ineffective support by choosing the right anatomic insoles before you start exercising. Specially designed to properly support the sole, absorb vibrations and help with proper weight distribution, the anatomical insoles will protect your foot and help you perform better.
  • Comfort and stability during sports and training.
  • Complete support of every point of the sole.
  • Absorption of painful vibrations and protection from injuries.

Health Tips

Due to its nature, the area between the toes is an ideal environment for fungi and microorganisms growth. This is where most fungal infections come from. Therefore, make sure it is always clean and dry.
Socks absorb and retain moisture, so if you have a problem with excessive sweating, try to change them even twice a day.
It is best not to use the same pair of sneakers for two consecutive days. Give them time to “breathe” and dry completely after each use or after washing.
Athletes Feet DeoPowder is ideal to be used in socks and shoes, reducing moisture and bad odors.
As you take care of your feet, you can check them for possible signs of injuries, infections, or anything that may seem suspicious. Do not hesitate to seek an expert’s advice, if you see something that concerns you.
podia footcare section


For the daily care of your feet

podia footcare section
podia footcare section


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