Where can I find your products?

Our products are available throughout Greece through pharmacies. To find a convenient pharmacy, you can visit the online application, here.

What is the difference between Athlete’s Foot Deospray and Athlete’s foot Deopowder?

The product Athlete’s Foot Deospray is recommended only for cases of bad odour and prevention of fungi in lower limbs. Athlete’s Foot Deopowder is used only when there is intense perspiration and may be applied on feet, socks and shoes. It also protects from fungi as does Athlete’s Foot Deospray.

When using either product, we pay particular attention to the areas between toes, as these are the most vulnerable to lower limb infections.

What is Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis)?

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection that makes the skin red, dry and scaly, while sometimes there is also pain or itchiness. This condition usually occurs between toes or on the foot sole or sides. Frequently, when a patient thinks that their feet are only dry and chapped, this is caused by athlete’s foot.

I often get corns on my feet. What can I do to remove them painlessly?

For an easy and painless removal of corns, you can try our product Advanced Corn Removal Plasters, which you may find here.  Alternatively, you can try the Podia Anti-Callus Keratolytic Cream, which you can find here.

To relieve the affected area from pressure and friction and to prevent any recurrence, we recommend that you try one of our toe protection products, as well as use regularly Podia Pumice Soap, made of volcanic perlite and enriched with Tea tree oil. You can find it here.

What is a medical device?

Medical devices are preparations that are intended for human use with the purpose of preventing or relieving disease. Their spectrum is very broad: from a thermometer to an MRI scanner and from a foot patch to an orthopaedic implant. Depending on their category and the disease for which they are made, they are classified according to use. The products of Podia are classed as class I and IIa.

I am having bunion problems. What product would you recommend to me for pain relief?

The Podia line has three extremely effective products to relieve feet from bunion pain. You can find our products here.

For how long can I use Podia elastic and soft patches?

The elastic and soft patches in the Podia line are made of durable polymeric gel. Their durability depends on their use, the severity of the problem and the strain. They can be used in conditions of high strain for several months.

How can I clean my elastic and soft patch?

Proper handling of the elastic and soft patches that maximises their life, includes washing with lukewarm water, mild soap and removing moisture by natural means. For all patches made only of polymeric gel, the application of a powder before the next use of the product is recommended. 

For how many hours can I wear the patch?

Patches can be worn for up to 14 hours continuously. In case however of a first use of a patch, 4 hours for the first 3 days are enough so that you gradually get used to them.

What are medical-grade oils that are used in the patches and how do they work?

A medical-grade oil fills the pores of the gel matrix almost in the same way as water fills a sponge. In contrast however with the water in the sponge, it cannot be removed by squeezing the gel matrix but it slowly diffuses or drips from the matrix when in contact with any surface, such as skin.

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