Foot Care
Premium Wooden Foot File

Areas of excessive hard skin and hyperkeratosis on the heel and ball make stepping on your feet difficult.

Treat them with the Podia Premium Wooden Foot File. Specially designed for the everyday care of your feet, it is a specialised care tool.

It consists of two surfaces with different coarseness:
A surface with a coarse 60 Grit texture: it effectively removes stubborn hard skin and hyperkeratosis from heels and balls
A surface with a less coarse 100 Grit texture: it smoothens rough skin and eliminates every imperfection in the skin of the foot.

  • A product featuring SANITIZED technology, which prevents growth of microorganisms and unpleasant odours
  • Exceptionally resilient coated with corundium
  • Water-resistant, with unscented, environmentally-friendly wood varnish
  • Made in Switzerland of beechwood, FSC-certified for responsible forest management and minimum ecological footprint
  • Features a special ergonomic shape and size (27 cm) for better movement precision and to make caring for your feet easier

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